When we think of our home lighting, often the bathroom is the last place in which we invest more time and money. Typically, the mirrors are unlighted, and usually a ceiling light fixture is used to illuminate the sink, mirror and shower. And we forget that, in addition to a general light, bathroom needs very specific for each of its parts lights. This will be achieved with bathroom wall lamps.

For example, next to the mirror, lighting should be practical and functional. We will place a bathroom wall lamps to provide a white, bright light and does not produce shadows. A poorly lit mirror we never provide a true reflection preventing proper use.




In the bathroom must coexist two types of lighting. On the one hand, a warm light for times when we want to relax and spend a pleasant time in this space. And other lighting tasks to perform personal care minutely seeing clearly what we do. In this second illumination it is where the bathroom fixtures involved.

For these reasons, we need in the bathroom a general light and another environment that supports the first only when needed. In bathrooms large area, you can also add lighting decorative type, which highlight the architectural lines if we are dealing with a modern bathroom or to provide interest to certain areas in an opulent bathroom, creating an «museum effect » …




In the bathroom normally intensive tasks thoroughness, so it is essential that the lighting according to the need to see what we do: makeup, waxing or shaving, pedicures, etc.

In the bath or shower area it is convenient to install a small bath apply if the room is large and the ceilings are high.

The area of the mirror is where we perform tasks that require precision and accuracy. For that reason it is important that light does not create shadows. A good solution is to place a bath apply multiple foci just above the mirror, or install an applet that provides good light on both sides of the mirror. Keep in mind that then the light is positioned at eye level.




IP or Protection Index is an international standard that defines the degree of protection of a wall lamp, lamp or any electrical equipment against dust (sealing) and against water (moisture). According to IP Sconce you are ready to install or place in a bathroom space according to the humidity or distance from water outlets.

Given the rules of IP we choose the applied pursuant to the bathroom area where we will install. The bathroom is divided into different areas of protection and each requires an IP:

Zone 0: Area inside the shower or bath. This area is the wettest so we’ll have to install floodlights at least IPX7 grade so that they are fully protected from water.

Zone 1: Includes space shower or bath area from the ground to a height of 225cm. For this area must choose a IPX4

Zone 2: Ranging from the bath to 60cm around. With IPX4 we get adequate protection for this space.

Zone 3: that is farther than 60 cm of the tub and / or higher than 225 cm. In this area it is sufficient with an IPX1. It is the lower-risk area.


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