Bover lamps is an international benchmark in the luminaire sector. Since its inception in 1996, the brand has been growing unstoppably and is now present in several countries around the world. But it is since 2012 when its influence in the sector became decisive. Bover lamps crosses the pond to enlarge its market share targeting the American target.

The key is the careful manufacturing in detail, a work fruit of the illusion and the effort to create innovative products that do not become future stridencies. The designs of the brand stand out for their quality and the shapes of each of their products, getting each one is better than the previous, surpassing season after season.

In the Bover lamps, luxury is always evident. Each luminaire is handmade, dedicated exclusively to be part of the light that will project the lamp once finished, and always keeping in mind the client. On the other hand the materials are of the best quality and individually selected.




From its beginnings, the company maintained control of each one of the parts of the product, assuring the quality and efficiency of the same, deciding that the production did not leave the province. So Bover lamps are manufactured entirely in Barcelona, the brand’s main headquarters.

In addition, the company guarantees its clients the highest level of professionalism and prestige. Done that is also demonstrated in the election of its international distributors.

And it is their customers who demonstrate, in fact, the high quality of their products. It is your confidence that supports your success:



GLAMP 2016

The Hospitality Industry Network (NEWH) received GLAMP 2016 in the beautiful Zion National Park (United States) from June 3 to 5. A fantastic display of design and camping with glamor. The Gensler team converted a 10 ‘x 12’ canvas tent into a spa-themed Chateau. They created the most elegant shop ever! Among the elements used for this were the Bover Amphora and Garota lamps.



Lar Atlántica is an urban accommodation with Atlantic style in the center of Vigo. Interior design was run by the Intsight studio that chose the Bover Lea lamps.

Lea is an architectural applique, free of ornaments, designed to order the work space and at the same time offer us a lower light of great light quality.


bover lamps


The Moss Floristas commercial center in Madrid chose the lamp outside the Bover. Fora is a lamp designed to illuminate warm outdoor spaces, but it can also be used indoors, in both public and private places.

The light source is protected inside by an elliptical polyethylene balloon of medium intensity and U.V protection which guarantees a high degree of tightness.

The screen is made of synthetic marrow; Making it highly resistant to weathering while providing a pleasant atmosphere of diffuse or enveloping light.