Estiluz is one of the great brands in the world of lamp design. Born in 1969 in the small town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses in Girona (Spain) by Gerard Masdeu Jordà, a young entrepreneur with great vision and taste for design, Estiluz is now a world leader in the field of the lighting. It currently has commercial subsidiaries in Paris (created in 1991), New York (founded in 1993) and Frankfurt (in 2002).

Since its inception, Estiluz has always been dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of high-end decorative luminaire products. It maintains the processes of industrialization, manufacture and assembly in its own facilities. And since its origins has always been differentiated by a strategy of product differentiation and impeccable service.




Design has always been the essence of Estiluz. It is a value internalized and shared by the whole organization, which is reflected in everything that is done. The design is something alive, evolving and Estiluz has spent the last few years to reflect on the design of its future strategy, far beyond product aesthetics and brand image.

In this way, Estiluz has become a laboratory for creating innovative solutions in the world of lighting, respectful of society and the environment and aimed at a universal audience.

That is why one of its keys is sustainability, an increasing requirement on the part of the user. However, it is much more so in the contract sector (for reasons of conscience and commitment to the environment but also for legal, economic and image issues). Thus, every architect or interior designer specialized in the execution of contract projects has and must adopt a philosophy of work that allows him to innovate in this matter in a constant and almost natural way. It is a question of discovering a suitable way of proceeding for each one that allows open innovation and its constant enrichment.




If Estiluz have a clear thing is that things done without passion will not go anywhere. They are things that we see happen but they do totally unnoticed. They are conceived, developed, used and disappeared without even a memory of them.

For Estiluz the design is much more than the simple fact of conceiving a product to be manufactured. For them the design is to imagine something that reaches beyond the senses, something that impacts you, something that impacts you emotionally.

They are clear that for this, of course, technical knowledge and market knowledge is necessary. Yes, they are essential. But passion is much more important.

For Estiluz, if behind every lamp they have created, if behind every idea, if in the background of all their work, they are not able to surround themselves with a team with passion, able to create really exciting products and awaken their emotions, All this is not worth it.



Soñadora e idealista pero con los pies en el suelo y con una visión muy clara de la realidad. Quizás sea toda una paradoja en sí misma que traduce en una insana curiosidad por todo lo que la rodea.