Properly illuminate a large living room is very important, both decorative and functional level. Floor lamps provide lighting in a wider than conventional table range, and are ideal for spacious lounges. Provide ambient light, create cozy atmospheres, defining areas and transform the room depending on the style you want.

If for example we have a spacious living room, large, or somewhere between couches or a corner that can not be exploited too well, the floor lamps are great to take advantage of that space or to place them between the sofas. You’ll get better use of space and time improve the lighting of the room, add a decorative element according to the lamp that the more we liked, such as lamps with marble base lamps most exclusive design or lamps almost minimalist .

When choosing a floor lamp, we must take into account the following considerations:

– Floor lamps Widescreen provide an environmental or diffused light and have a decorative effect.

– The flexible head and narrow screen are ideal for reading corners because they allow direct the beam to a specific point.

– To achieve a balanced decor is advisable to coordinate the style of the lamp with the ceiling and desktop.


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The lamps can play with visual effects and create different environments. The first thing to decide is the use that is going to make lamp: if you illuminate an entire room or a specific point, the intensity of light is needed (measured in lumens), if the adjustable arm you want , etc.

The type of lamps widescreen provide an environmental or stray light and have a decorative effect. Narrow screen lamps serve also to illuminate a reading area. In this case we suggest you have an airship arm to guide the beam. A great example is the ROBIN DE CARPYEN.


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We must protect the use made of light because according to your choice can enlarge or belittle the lounge. In this sense, the color of the walls, ceiling and floor must also be taken into account as the dark tones need more light points to get the same brightness as a light color.


The living room, bedroom or an office, for example, stays are conducive to creating a reading area. You can get it with a particular point of light like a lamp, consisting of an airship and adjustable to direct the light beam arm. For this is perfect the SCANTLING PIE P73 DE MARSET.


¿Con que lámpara de pie te quedas para tu salón 3

Floor lamps provide us with direct light to read comfortably in the room or in the bedroom of our home and at Insmat you will find the most interesting designs.

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