At Christmas if there is something especially emotional are the meals in which we bring the whole family. They are that special moment, in which we have the opportunity to gather around some good delicacies.

To make a successful Christmas banquet we must consider many things: the dishes that we are going to prepare, the decoration of the table, the dishes, and we must not forget the lighting. To tell us how to properly illuminate our Christmas table our friends of Insmat, the lighting store of Caldes, bring us a few ideas.

For starters, our friends from the lighting store will tell us everything we need about proper table lighting for a Christmas banquet.




When you begin to think about preparing the lighting of your Christmas table, the first thing to think is that you have to take full advantage of it to highlight the color and design of the different decorative ornaments.

You should also be clear that at a time like this, the protagonism should focus on the table and its dishes. For this, it is most advisable to have one or several ceiling lamps that project a warm light on the food. Of course, it is best to run away from white light bulbs. For the rest of the stay you can choose several points of indirect light that leave it in the shadows.

If dessert is finished, the table is extended at home, you must plan a change of scenery. In this case it is advisable to have a lamp ready to allow its light to bounce on the ceiling or walls, illuminating indirectly but evenly over the whole table, always with less intensity than when eating, but maintaining a clarity nuanced.

Many people take advantage of the typical Christmas lights of this time to maintain a low light environment. If you are thinking of using low intensity lights it is an ideal opportunity to place candles on the table. But then you must be careful not to place them too close to objects that catch easily and can cause an accident.

On the other hand, if you have the idea of ​​using high intensity lighting, if you use candles on the table, you must take care that they are in accordance with the decoration, keeping in mind that they are the same color.


christmas table


Our friends at Insmat, the lighting store, will now give us some original ideas on how we can light up our Christmas table:

Candlesticks for candles are always a success, which you can decorate with a touch of Christmas.
Simple perforated brass or zinc containers, with a candle inside, will give your table a sweet and pleasant touch.
You can place LED garlands on the table in a disorderly way, mixed with ceramic houses and other decorations. This will give you a Nordic and urban feel.
Candles are very appropriate and elegant accessories for decorating the table at Christmas meals, but we can also use them to create charming little corners.
They also take a lot of candle centerpieces that can give these Christmas parties a touch of Christmas with elements of nature.



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