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If there is something that interior designers have clear it is that lighting is one of the most important elements in any decorating project. In addition to its original function, illuminate the spaces to lack of natural light or reinforce the light intensity, are responsible for creating environments. Design lamps, ceiling are models or specific as desktop or wall lamps, your choice is key to maintaining an aesthetic coherence.

Every home should have a good lighting system, which in addition to functional, provide greater elegance. That is why the use of designer lamps, decorative, they can become the protagonists of many spaces are recommended. And the lamps in a room, not only displayed as functional pieces, but also as decorative elements that make the space becomes more elegant and attractive.

The lamps have longer mere devices that serve as support and power connection to the different light generators. They are already considered as perfect decorative elements that bloom at nightfall, providing perfect lighting that creates elegant sensations and creative environments. And there are a variety of designer lamps to choose from, depending on the needs of the person, their tastes and characteristics of the space where you will place.

We must bear in mind that a change in lighting can change the overall look of any room. How to place lights greatly contributes to the image and the atmosphere, and are no longer restricted to a few lamps around the room.

Different ways to light a space

There are many ways to light up a room or a room with a few lamps design:
Ambient lighting is a hidden light source covering the room with a soft glow. Very few shadows creates and regulates the overall appearance. Japanese paper lamps and wall sconces can help produce this effect. For temporary effects you can use a normal lighting controller.

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Accent lighting provides interest to a room. This method of lighting emphasizes the interior design and objects or architectural elements. To use accent lighting a bulb and only one screen is needed to direct light
desired location. halogen spotlights and table lamps help create that effect.

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Another type of lighting used in interior design is lighting tasks. This is the lighting strategy
more practical, highlighting an area for everyday activities like reading, cooking or sewing. This type of light prevents stress and helps in performing daily activities. The kitchen is a particularly good time to incorporate this kind of lighting in interior design place. The sources should be discreet and no screens to avoid glare. Task lighting can be effectively combined with accent lighting to produce striking effects.

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Some types of lighting can be a work of art in themselves. The aesthetic lighting is purely decorative, like a neon sculpture or a focus highlighting a statue or painting. This type of lighting should not be used alone, but accompanied by other strategies lighting design environment.

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