Today, led wall lamps have become a major choice in relation to traditional incandescent bulbs. And that without actually, the majority of the public really know all the advantages that this type of luminaire brings.

Normally, when we talk about led wall lamps, the first thing that comes to mind is its low energy consumption. In turn, we think of the saving of money that implies its use. But, really, its advantages go much further.
Here is a brief summary of the advantages and benefits of the use of led wall lamps:




Indeed, when we talk about led wall lamps we are looking for a significant energy saving. We talk about a savings of around 80%, that if an 8W led bulb generates the same amount of light as a traditional 80 W, turning a high percentage of electricity into visible light and demonstrating a great energy and light efficiency.



Another aspect to emphasize of the led wall lamps is the useful life of its bulbs. In normal conditions they usually last about 50,000 hours, compared to 1,500 of an incandescent light bulb, 2,500 of the halogen or 8,000 of the low consumption. In this way, saving with leds becomes evident again. They also clearly favor the environment, as less waste is generated, implies a lesser need for recycling, a reduction in the use of materials and resources; And mainly produces less electricity, which minimizes the emission of CO2.



In addition to the ecological consequences of the long life of led bulbs, we must add the fact that led devices are a much more environmentally friendly technology since their manufacture and pollute 80% less CO2. In addition, in their structure they contain neither an apex of mercury nor tungsten (highly polluting residues and difficult to recycle), like the ancient and classic bulbs of a lifetime.

Led lamps are recyclable and do not pollute the environment. They comply with the ROHS directive, ie they do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI, PBB or PBDE. Sodium lamps contain mercury and fluorescent lamps as well, emitting electromagnetic waves harmful to health.




Led wall lamps have a number of technical features that make them superior to more traditional luminaires. For example, led bulbs have a higher impact resistance, vibration, and better tolerate extreme temperatures.

Another quality of the lamps and devices led is that they do not need to warm up. Therefore, they have an immediate ignition. In addition, they are of better quality, since they generate less heat and do not emit UVA rays. And, thanks to its high color rendering (IRC) and a wider illumination surface, led devices provide a better perception of colors.


led wall lamps

Every year, we are helpless to increase the bill of light: rising prices, taxes, etc. Now more than ever it is essential to choose products that ensure a lower energy consumption. And that’s where led wall lamps play a fundamental trick.
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