New trends in designer lamps



We understand the importance of lighting in the decoration and design lamps are essential in any room of the house, both aesthetically and to illuminate all areas. But let’s see what the new trends that brings this year:

Bulbs in sight

Conventionally, industrial and contemporary aesthetic inspiration, lamps and bulb cable in sight again be protagonists this year. Industrial style, these lamps are so versatile that perfectly adapt to any room in the house and also to all kinds of styles. Opting for them both in the bedroom and on the bedside table in the kitchen to light the dining table or in the office area.

metallized trends

We must not lose sight of the metallized surfaces where bright flashes of copper, gold and silver are the undisputed protagonists. Metallised trends find their place in any room of the house and adapt perfectly to all kinds of decorative styles. Metallic colors fit into industrial, contemporary and even classical environments.

natural materials

Natural tendencies are also present in the decoration. Materials such as wicker and bamboo are great allies to create environments with high contrast. A good trick to decorate with these lamps is to choose several exactly the same models to achieve a certain harmony in the decor.

gooseneck lamps

Another trend that has also returned strongly this 2016 are the flexo lamps. Generally these lamps are often used in the study area, however, their versatility makes them perfect even in other areas of the house and bedroom.

tripod lamps

Both desktop and standing, are very present this 2016. An eclectic and trendy for any room in the house touch. Made from natural and vintage-inspired materials, these lamps have a timeless design.

spherical lamps

Spherical ceiling lamps remain the trend for 2016. The geometric shapes will help us to dress the rooms with a touch of the most original.

Lamps screen

Both ceiling and desktop. In neutral colors with a minimalist design, these lamps are ideal in modern environments for its timeless character.

Led lights

As in the past 2015, the LED lights are also players this year. We have many different reasons for choosing these lights because they are less polluting, last longer and consume up to 85% less than conventional bulbs. In addition, they are safer than traditional as they resist the most extreme temperatures.

ecological designs

Another trend that could not miss this year are the ecological and respectful with the environment designs. From materials to light bulbs and even designs inspired by nature itself evoking soft and delicate forms.

Lamps classic contemporary design

The best contemporary design classic lamps are produced throughout the twentieth century. They are those that are put where you put well and never go out of style. Whether the modern classical ambience, rustic, ethnic, … and house a city apartment or a house in the countryside, an old mansion or a super modern loft.

Lighting has always been an important tool for design and decoration. The way light affects the way we perceive any room. It is versatile and use several strategies while in a room allows us to change their appearance with the simple click of a switch.


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