One of the most normal things that we can find is that we get stuck some drain at home. As careful as we are, it is the most common. Especially with the shower and the kitchen sink. In the shower, of course, that’s where the hairs of the whole family go; And in the kitchen, it happens because they accumulate remains of dirt. The truth is that it is a problem that could easily be avoided with a little maintenance.

Today we will explain how to solve these drain at home.




The most commonly stuck drain at home is usually that of the kitchen sink. When we see the water trickling slowly, it is a clear sign that there is a blocked pipe. The most likely motive is fats and leftovers. But it is a problem that can be solved easily and quickly without the need for chemicals.

The first thing is to try with the plunger, that archaic gadget that still exists in some homes. To do this, first we must cover the sink overflow with a folded cloth fastened with force with the free hand. Then fill the pile with half a span of water and start pumping using the suction action that will be generated by the empty effect. Then we will only have to help by removing all the solid material we can with our hands and we will be finished.

If we do not have a plunger we have a second option. We put on some rubber gloves and mixed half a cup of hot vinegar with three tablespoons of baking soda (also served with fruit salt). And we cast the mixture through the sump. We wait five minutes to act and open the hot water for the pressure to clean the pipe. And the house drain will be gone.

To avoid this happening again we can avoid it by removing every day the rest of the sump and clearing the sump. In addition, every week we can pour a good amount of boiling water to avoid the accumulation of dirt. And once a month we can pour a cup of vinegar to remove the small blockages. That way we will not have any drains at home stuck.




In fact, the most common drain at home is the shower. It has the bad habit of filling with hair mixed with soap, provoking really unpleasant odors. We could avoid it with a good maintenance, cleaning the sump from time to time and thus we would never have problems. But if we have neglected a little we will play the trick of the mix.

As with the kitchen sink, we put on the rubber gloves. We pour three or four tablespoons of baking soda or fruit salt into the sink. Then add a cup of hot vinegar. Let the mixture run for about five minutes or so and then open the hot water tap for the pressure to clean the pipe. And the drain at home will be absolutely unclogged.



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