A new year begins and it is time to consider the new purposes. One of them may feature your home, the place where you spend most of the day. But changing the decor of your home can be a complicated task. First we must know what the trends are for this year. For this we have visited the main luxury properties in Barcelona to inspire us and take some notes.

So if you are thinking of making some changes in your home, we are going to show you the main trends for this year, inspired by the luxury properties in Barcelona.




For this year, the colors that are going to be trend are: Niagara, a blue similar to the very worn jeans; Lapis Blue, darker blue; Island Paradise, a very soft blue; Kale, a military green; Greenery, lighter green; Flame, a reddish orange; Primrose Yellow, a very spring yellow; Hazelnut, a hazelnut color; Pin Yarrow, a striking rose; And Pale Dogwood, a pale pink.

Although you should keep in mind that not all colors, however biased, are valid for all rooms or for all houses.


luxury properties in Barcelona


In the main luxury properties in Barcelona we have seen that the main materials to be carried are:

Cork as a decorative material: Cork, very fashionable in the 80’s, disappeared with a stroke in all the decorations of the home, and never again was this interesting material known. Now, with the eco-friendly decorative trend, it is reborn with more force than ever.
Natural wood: The woods gain ground against lacquered finishes, mattes … Etc. Also all the colors of the wood are welcome, but with special relevance the woods in light tones, very suitable for the Nordic style, or very dark tones .
Marble furniture: Years ago, it was an essential material for every home that was appreciated, being especially irreplaceable in bathrooms and kitchens. This time, for 2017, we not only find the marble in the bathrooms and kitchens, but also jump to the living room furniture and even tables or auxiliary pieces.
Decorating in copper and gold: Finishes in copper and gold in decorative pieces such as photo frames, or vases. In addition, they will be present in legs and details of furniture of other materials.




On our walk through the best luxury properties in Barcelona we have not been much surprised by the styles that await us this year.

It follows the Nordic style as main decorative style, followed closely by the industrial style, which we would all like to have a loft to decorate it following all their opinions.

Behind it was the Shabby Chic style, although the Effortless style, still has its audience and would not be rare to become a trend in a few years.

And the Vintage comes back, renewed with make-up colors, pale pink, beige and white. Colors that bring luminosity, delicacy, beauty and elegance in any environment. Also the turquoise blue, gray and green pastel, the vanilla and light yellow tones.


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