Summer invites you to enjoy the outdoor spaces, scenes full of life, where light is the key element, interacting with people and creating the ideal climate for our evening special. Light creates, shapes and gives life, and Vibia lamps help you improve that magical interaction.


In Vibia, they have the vocation to create solutions that meet the needs of people in different contexts. During the process of designing a space, lighting becomes transverse element to its architecture, interior design and use. The Vibia lamps help to create the right atmosphere so that the experience of living every space is full and unique.



This summer, Vibia offers the collection of outdoor lights JUNE inspired moments of encounter and joy of summer verbena. Are lamps that adapt to any environment, solving the light proximity in the garden and meeting the needs of warm light for life on the outside.

Vibia, creación de lámparas de diseño 1

LED light sources-art, exquisitely applied, provide a soft and comfortable light, JUNE can lean on the wall, a tree or other vertical surface, composing a garland of lights or a desktop.

Another interesting concept for those hot nights is Furniture meets light with which Vibia transforms the way lighting merges with furniture and coexists with the outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces. Are beautiful sculptural pieces that, at nightfall, come to life thanks to its design, technology and multifunctionality.

Vibia, creación de lámparas de diseño 2

Another amazing collection that plays with shapes and shadows to create a lighting effect of surprise is MERIDIANO, designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal. During the day it can serve as a stool or coffee table, providing an original decoration of gardens, patios or pools touch. But at night, this collection surprises with its LED light source from an invisible point below the envelope.

Vibia, creación de lámparas de diseño 3

In visual terms, its organic shape and variety of finishes (broken kaki green and white) are similar to the current language of garden furniture. In addition, the structure of steel rods arranged in a circular, projects around pleasant effects of radial light.

Finally, Vibia surprises us even more with the EMPTY collection, which also combines the functionality of lighting and furniture. Designed by Xuclà, rational design and architectural language combined with sophistication in outdoor spaces, both in nature and in urban contexts.

Vibia, creación de lámparas de diseño 4

Its pure and straight lines that achieve full integration in space, encouraging moments of pause and rest. In addition, the use of LED light sources located invisibly in the inner part of its structure, makes EMPTY at a mark that illuminates and points with a comfortable light areas outdoor use. Through a suggestive lighting Vibia EMPTY creates a space of peace and tranquility, which transforms the sunset in a wonderful visual spectacle of illuminated planes defining contours.

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