How to Put hanging lamps on the dining table?

When we talk about decoration we usually give much importance to light, with special emphasis on natural lighting, but do not forget that the lamps are essential in any home. There are many types, but today we will focus on hanging lamps.
Hanging lamps are those which, as the name suggests, are suspended from the ceiling by a wire, a rope, a rod or a chain. For decades, this type of lighting are a favorite in decoration, not only for its great decorative potential, as they are ideal in spaces where light work is required. Of all, you should keep in mind that the style and shape of the pendant lamp depend on the use you have for it and the room in the house where going to place.
They are of all kinds, design, glass, old, … There are many different shapes and materials that can enjoy a pendant lamp depending on the type of home you have and the space in which it is divided. But to place, keep in mind a few guidelines:

The amount: One of the first aspects to consider is that there should never be more than a hanging lamp per stay and are not suitable for traffic areas, unless in the case of a huge house.
• Size: Large hanging lamps are ideal for an entry, while small hanging lamps are perfect for workplaces.
• Materials: The most common are glass, which is an excellent diffuser; fabric, ideal for fat free space as the dining room or living room; the metal, which helps to better reflect light, and plastic.
• Height: About a dining table (then go into more detail on this subject), the ideal is to be left at least 70 cm to avoid accidents, as in the kitchen. As for the input, it is best to leave 2.15 meters or at least 65 centimeters between the head of the tallest person in the house and the underside of the lamp.
• Versatility: The hanging lamps are perfect for any stay. Also they are great at reading corners, sewing or office above the bed in the bedroom or on a free-standing bathtub in the bathroom.
• Beware the low ceilings: Hanging lamps tend to be better at high ceilings. So if your ceilings are very prettily, you should avoid using them (except perhaps at the dining table or the bar to eat in the kitchen, if you have it). In all other areas, opt for lamps, recessed lighting, ceiling or light scenes based on a combination of wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps.
• Prevents bulbs look: Unless the bulb itself is decorative (hanging lamps) prevents look by placing a screen in the bottom of the lamp. There is nothing more unsightly than a hanging lamp in which are below the light bulbs.

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hanging lamps in the dining room

Hanging lamps in the dining rooms are fashionable. That is undeniable and make the classics look much brighter environments and sophisticated. But before putting them we have to take into account the characteristics of our home and furniture. It is not only a stylistic issue, assess the technical characteristics of our space.
For placement must take into account a number of considerations:
The first is the distance between the lamp and the dining table to avoid glare and discomfort. In addition to assessing the style of the luminaire, it is appropriate that this distance is 60 to 80 centimeters above the table. But it is not a fixed measure and that we must look at other factors such as the size of the table, the size of the lamp, the mobility of the lamp, the space available to place, the space to be illuminated, etc. .
In fact, if the lamp or the table are very large, it is best to increase that distance to make lighting more effective. If not, this would focus on a single point and would allow differences of lighting in different corners of the room.
However, if the room is small, we reduce the distance by placing it closer to the table for a more timely and uniform illumination.
Another important factor is the size of the room. Not the same illuminate a large room that one of medium size. For example, for a large dining room, it would be interesting to opt for a hanging lamp that would regulate high, in order to direct the light according to our needs at all times.
You should also keep in mind that you can innovate with hanging lamps on the dining tables. Mix styles and materials always gives a decorative touch daring and trendy. For example, on a table straight lines either steel, glass or wood or glass lamp really old or even modern reinventing the old style look good.
And if the table is rectangular in shape and fairly steep we could put two little more lamps. If the table is square or round only.

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