Christmas is already here, days of celebrations, parties and family gatherings. Maybe we even go out for a few days. And on returning, despite all the joy, we may encounter some unpleasant surprise: a leak of water, a jam in the pipes. And to avoid precisely these scares, we have our friends JUCASA, experts unblocking in Valencia, to give us some advice.

Because precisely, when we least expect it is when we can meet with some problem. We may have forgotten an open key, or have not done the proper reviews.

Experts unblocking in Valencia JUCASA can advise us on any issue related to water leaks or unblocking, do not hesitate to contact them, but for now, here are a few tips:




Close the stopcock if you go several days. It is obvious, the first step, the most logical and the simplest. In fact, one of the main reasons for water leaks is that when we leave for a few days on vacation, because there are many empty houses without water consumption, the pressure of the network increases and causes leaks in homes that do not have The stopcock is closed. So it is important to close the water tap and thus avoid unnecessary leaks. It would also not be a bad idea to shut off the washer, since its pipes have a limited life, experience certain pressures even in a state of inactivity and could break while we are away from home.

Reduces water pressure. Another good way to reduce the risk of leakage is to reduce the pressure in the main pipe, especially if it has exceeded 3 bars and flows too hard. To do it properly, it is best to use pressure reducers, placing them immediately after the stopcock. In this way, we will be able to regulate the pressure throughout the circuit.



Do not forget to do regular reviews. The passage of time is one of the main enemies of a home’s plumbing circuit, which deteriorates with continued use. And this is the cause of jams in pipes, slow drains and annoying leakage. Periodically reviewing our sanitation networks will save us more than an unnecessary scare.

Put insulation for joints where necessary. Teflon tapes, tow and other materials are great allies when it comes to avoiding water leaks, since they act as a natural insulator. Simply place them in the joints to «shield» the circuit and ensure its tightness.

Reform your appliances if they are many years old. Last but not least, the danger of using dryers, washing machines and other appliances with more than 5 years of age should not be underestimated, without having received any maintenance in this period. A worn hose or bad plugs can cause hundreds of liters of water to be lost in the form of small leaks.


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With these tips from our friends JUCASA, experts unblocking in Valencia, you will be calmer.

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