The living room is often the widest area of a house and usually used to be the quintessential multipurpose room . So it is advisable to install in the area varied and flexible lighting for the room is always functional and comfortable.

At the time of designing the lighting of a living we must take into account all possibilities : central light , floor lamps , wall lamp, table lamps. We must consider the amount of light , the difference between direct and diffuse light ( eg combining with floor lamps table lamps ) and illuminate spaces of different sizes and how to illuminate the area of the TV. In this article we will give you a few tips.

Lamp types

Pendant lamps. One way to completely change the look of the entire room is replacing conventional bulbs or savers and invest in a great decorative lamp to the ceiling. Depending on the effect you need and match with the rest of the room, you’ll also find LED lights in a straight line or circular waves applied in a false ceiling so that the ceiling on two levels is observed.

Floor lamps. When we see a space does not have enough light and we need to illuminate the area, the floor lamps are a great solution because it does not take up much space. Usually they placed in a corner of the room.

Wall lamps. If you need to highlight a work of art, a mirror, or any other piece on a wall, these lamps give you a great decorative value to the area.

Table lamps. Ideal for the area of ​​the side tables or console table. You will find many attractive designs to add warmth to the space.

Lámpara de pie-Arturo-Alvarez

The amount of light   

  •  A very important to consider when quantifying the light factor is the material and color will roofs, floors , walls and curtains in the room . If your colors are dark , you need higher lighting levels if they are clear .
  • The number of light sources depends on the surface of each enclosure . It is advisable to install more than one lamp to support activities in different areas.

Direct or diffuse light

  • It is important to get combining direct light with diffuse light for good light balance.
  • Ambient light does not necessarily have to come from the traditional central chandelier. It can be placed outside the center or around the perimeter.
  • You can install different circuit to turn on the light in stages or using dimmers in 1 or more lamps that allow dimmable.
  • Well suited for these areas are diffused light bulbs in spotlights installed to direct light downwards or pedestal lamps. Good effects in the latter case using halogen lamps directed towards the ceiling are also achieved.
  • In places read, install a concentrated light that dazzles and not to adjust their height and angle. An alternative is to install a small lamp that hangs from the ceiling from the back of the chair and complement it with a table lamp located to one side.

How to light a not so large space

  • In not very spacious, you can get a feeling of tranquility by installing a lamp directed towards the ceiling to act as general light and complementing it with a table lamp, creating a warmer corner.
  • If space is low rise, uses addressable lights, oriented pictures or decorative items.
  • Another alternative is to install a hanging lamp on a table and combined with lamps located on both sides.

How to light a large space

  • In larger spaces, creating different environments placing point sources in different sectors.
  • If any of the walls had an interesting texture you wanted desatacar, placed near the wall a line of spotlights directed down. They enrich the texture.
  • To illuminate paintings using spotlights on rails or individual. For large paintings, better wide beam spotlights mounted on track.
  • If you want to stand a fireplace, installed on the roof, near it, a group of individual lights or on track and lead them towards it.
  • If you need to illuminate a game table, install a concentrated light from a ceiling spotlight, narrow beam. If you have a bar area, bathed in light airships their shelves with recessed spotlights in the ceiling and placed them in the nearby area.
    Also use them to illuminate shelves with books, CDs and stereos.

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