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A pendant or pendant lamp is anyone who “hangs” from the ceiling. The light spot is positioned in the upper region thereof and a cable hanging holding fixture.

Among the lighting fixtures, lamps are the most aesthetic variety. Among them, the ones that allow the greatest combination of elegance and functionality are the hanging lamps.

As the name suggests, hanging lamps have a wire which hang focus and screen to light as well, with greater force environments that are several centimeters below the ceiling.

In Interiorismos usually talk very often about the importance of light in decor and, although we attach great importance to natural lighting, the lamps are indispensable in any home.

This type of lamp has been a favorite in decoration for decades, as well as having a great decorative potential, are ideal in spaces where light work is required. However, the style and shape of the pendant depend on the usage you and give you the room in the house where going to place. Here we give a few guidelines.


It is best to place them on the dining table, in the office kitchen (whether in the form of bar or table) and sometimes in halls with high ceilings, on the bed of the bedroom and the living area of ​​the living room. However, in the latter case, we recommend not to use it if the dining table is nearby, since the ideal is to find a single hanging lamp per stay that can be the focus of attention.Decora con lámparas colgantes 6

Although, as type, hanging lamps are the most common, this does not mean they have to be unoriginal. The pendants can be very showy, such as size XL, lamps suspended from the nightstand (replacing the table), the cage lamps, from recycled bottles or mixing multiple colors. Not to mention the spectacular designs and materials of today, such as bronze or gold incorporating as Tom Dixon lamps.

They are also trend for a few years and the placement of multiple hanging lamps of the same or different sizes and models, views bulbs hand in color or black wires, or return to the chandeliers both classic and modern.

They are also trend for a few years and the placement of multiple hanging lamps of the same or different sizes and models, views bulbs hand in color or black wires, or return to the chandeliers both classic and modern.

Size does matter

One of the first aspects to consider is that there should never be more than a hanging lamp per stay and are not suitable for walkways, unless dealing with a huge house. In terms of size, large hanging lamps are ideal for a starter, while small hanging lamps are perfect for workplaces.


Another important aspect is the material chosen for the lamp. The most common are glass, which is an excellent diffuser; fabric, ideal for fat-free spaces as the dining room or living room; the metal, which helps to better reflect light, and plastic.

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If you choose to decorate with hanging lamps, do not hang up very high. It is a typical defect that is often and usually do not look good. Do not be afraid to lose the cable! If you go on a dining table, you can count between 150 and 160 cm from the ground and take this reference as the lower level of the lamp. If you put several in a free corner, let it hang at various sizes and more petite leaves below the eye line.

Two symmetrical lamps should be placed at the same level

When you put several bulbs in a row, it is very well put them at different heights. But when you only go two, yours is to go at the same level. Avoid the temptation to place a slightly lower than one for “dynamic”. Not fit.

Prevents bulbs look

Unless decorative bulb is itself (eg. Bulbs ball matte curious filament bulbs, etc.) prevents look placing a screen in the lower area of ​​the lamp. Nothing is more unsightly than a pendant lamp in which are below the light bulbs.


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Beware the low ceilings

The pendants tend to be better at high ceilings. So if your ceilings are very low, you should avoid using them (except perhaps in the dining table or the bar to eat in the kitchen). In all other areas, opt for lamps, recessed lighting, ceiling or light scenes based on a combination of wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps.

In any room

The pendants are usually located primarily in common areas such as living room, dining room and kitchen. But they will also great at reading corners, sewing or office above the bed in the bedroom or on a free-standing bathtub in the bathroom.


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