LZF Lamps is a Valencian company founded in 1994 by Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill.

National Craft Award 2011, each lamp LZF is created by hand in wood veneer, a material that gives the light a warm and poetic nuance. You can find them in places as diverse as the headquarters of YouTube, Microsoft or Amazon, at the headquarters of Defense of the Netherlands, in the office of President of Singapore or a mall in Frankfurt.

Empresa de proyección internacional

What began as a chance encounter between friends at Christmas 94 it has been transformed into a company of international renown that exports 85% of its hand crafted designs of major distributors, decorators and architects.

Initially working with students and young designers. Currently they are surrounded by artists like Ray Powell, Luis Eslava, Oskar Cerezo, Burkhard Daemmer and Isidro Ferrer.
Sandro confesses to The Huffington Post the secret of the lamp LZF: “We loved the effect was achieved by illuminating the veneer of half a millimeter thick. It’s like revealing the secret of the grain inside and the warmth of the light passing through it, because it brings a dimension not seen from outside. At first we used reconstructed sheets that provide an effect very crazy. Then we opted for the natural veneers and learned to be more zen, to feel the atmosphere without such a strong visual impact.
Thanks to a magical treatment that have patented, Timberlite®, can manipulate the sheets to prevent breakage or to crack and protect the qualities of the wood. “Cherry, beech natural bolivar, these woods caressed by light LZF.


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